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Order IQOS  Heets Tobacco Heating System Online in Dubai, UAE

IQOS is a new innovation designed to reduce the common problems of smoke, high burning temperatures, and ash associated with traditional cigarette smoking. In Dubai, UAE, our IQOS device specially comes with Heets and heats sticks up to 350 degrees Celsius. Dubai Vapor World is giving you a new experience with IQOS Heet, offering a flavorful experience with the real taste of heated tobacco. Also, our users need not worry about the device because it comes with built-in LED indicators and charging levels. You can choose a number of Heets sticks with IQOS.

Benefit of IQOS Device

  • No Tobacco : Our Device heats the heet stick to generate vapor from vape sticks
  • No Bad Smell :  Using Trading cigarettes we are having some bad smell of tobacco but with iqos heets stick we can feel flavoured smell.
  • Attractive Design : IQOS Device design is looks like premium product
  • Easy to Use : very easy to use

How to Order IQOS in Dubai, UAE

There are many kind of IQOS Devices are available in Dubai, You are at the right place to order the iqos device with us. the list of devices IQOS Original Duo, IQOS ILUMA Prime and IQOS ILUMA One , which you can buy easily online in dubai.

Why Choose Dubai Vapor World ?

  • Premium Quality of Products
  • 100% Authentic in Market
  • Best Price in UAE Market
  • Free Delivery to all over uae
  • Cash on Delivery
  • Pay by Card upon Delivery
  • Secure Checkout

Frequently Asked Questions About IQOS Devices

  1. Why Choose IQOS Products in Dubai, UAE:
    IQOS is the ideal solution for those seeking to enjoy tobacco without t the traditional cigarettes, offering a cleaner, more enjoyable experience.
  2. How much Nicotine contain ?
    0.5mg nicotine
  3. What Heat Stick i can use with IQOS ?
    You can use Heet Stick that is available in flavors you can check here here : heets
  4. Offical IQOS  from where ?
    Official Iqos is from Russia and Kazakhstan and we are guaranteed 100% authentic products

Warning: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.