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Vapes Bars Ghost Pro 3500 Disposable Vapes in Dubai

Experience the incredible performance of the Ghost Pro 3500 disposable vape pens by Vapes Bars, available now at Dubai Vapor World. These innovative disposables offer extreme long-lasting power along with bold flavors and instant nicotine satisfaction.

What is the Ghost Pro 3500 Disposable?

The Ghost Pro 3500 disposable vape pen stands out for its ultra-high puff count. Each Ghost Pro disposable contains enough e-liquid to deliver a mammoth 3500 puffs – over 4 times more than a standard 800 puff vape pen!

This extreme longevity sets Ghost Pro disposables apart. You can enjoy amazing flavor and dense vapor for days before needing to replace the vape.

Ghost Pro 3500 Features

  • 3500 puffs – Lasts 4-5 times longer than typical disposables
  • Pre-filled – Arrives ready to vape out of the box
  • 8mL capacity – Large e-liquid reservoir for long life
  • 50mg nicotine – 5% nicotine strength satisfies cravings
  • Draw activated – Inhale to activate, no button needed
  • Portable design – Compact size for vaping on the go

Ghost Pro 3500 Flavor Options

The Ghost Pro 3500 comes in 5 tantalizing flavor options:

  • Apple Ice – Tart green apple with cooling menthol
  • Berry – Mixed red berries flavor
  • Tobacco – Classic smooth tobacco profile
  • Mango – Sweet, juicy mango flavor
  • Mint – Refreshing minty flavor

There’s a perfect flavor for every vaper whether you prefer fruits, tobacco, mints or menthol.

Why Choose the Ghost Pro 3500 Disposable?

Here are the top reasons Dubai vapers love the Vapes Bars Ghost Pro 3500:

  • Extremely long-lasting – Over 3500 puffs per vape
  • Huge vapor production – Sub ohm coils create dense, thick vapor
  • Instant flavour – Coils are pre-saturated for immediate taste
  • Powerful throat hit – 50mg nicotine strength
  • Leakproof – Closed system prevents messy leaks
  • Convenient – No charging or refilling needed
  • Smooth draws – Easy pull airflow design

How to Use the Ghost Pro 3500

Using the Ghost Pro 3500 disposable vape pen is very easy:

  1. Remove from package and power on by inhaling a few times.
  2. Keep puffing to activate the draw-fire mechanism.
  3. Enjoy intense flavor and vapor production with each puff.
  4. Once 3500 puffs are reached, simply dispose and replace.
  5. For best performance, store unused disposables in a cool, dry place.

Where to Buy Ghost Pro 3500 in Dubai

Get your hands on the amazing Ghost Pro 3500 extra long-lasting disposable vape today at Dubai Vapor World.

Experience extreme disposable vaping with the Ghost Pro 3500 – try one today!

Frequently Asked Questions About Vapes Bars Ghost Pro 3500

How many puffs in the Ghost Pro 3500?

Each Ghost Pro 3500 disposable vape contains enough e-liquid to provide approximately 3500 puffs. This is over 4 times more than standard 800 puff disposables.

What is the nicotine strength?

Ghost Pro 3500 uses 50mg nicotine salt e-liquid for a strong and satisfying nicotine experience.

Can you refill the Ghost Pro 3500?

No, the Ghost Pro 3500 cannot be refilled or reused. Once the e-liquid runs out, the entire disposable device must be thrown out.

How long will one Ghost Pro 3500 last?

Depending on individual vaping habits, one Ghost Pro 3500 disposable can last anywhere from 5 days to over 2 weeks of use before needing to be replaced.